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Gary Volk Design can make building your dream home affordable by offering pre drawn house plans at a huge savings over custom drawn house plans. Our portfolio increases every day and includes more than 25,000 house plans that cover the full range of design styles. We can provide custom and engineering drawn plans as well, and can modify any plan to suit individual requirements. Gary Volk has more than three decades of engineering and architectural experience, and continually meets the requirements that are ever present in an ever changing industry. The objective at Gary Volk Design is to provide innovative housing solutions through knowledgeable people and quality products, and we have earned a reputation for reliability, consistency, and integrity.

We also provide architectural and engineering design services of other buildings, such as elementary schools, restaurants, churches, senior housing complexes, high tech labs, shopping centers, and new office buildings.

Gary Volk Design would be proud to provide design and architectural engineering expertise for your next project. With decades of experience and a diverse portfolio of creating exceptional designs, our team has an outstanding reputation throughout the Pacific Northwest, especially around the greater Seattle metropolitan area and the surrounding communities. We serve a long list of loyal clients. We invite you to learn more about our work and review our approach.

We employ an enthusiastic and talented staff that takes pride in developing meticulous, tailored plans that are created using the most modern technology to make building your dream home a reality, as well as establishing excellent relationships with our clients. We would enjoy being a partner with you on your next project

Gary Volk Design has also enjoyed a history of success with multi-residential, resort, and club projects all over the Pacific Northwest. We have consistently proven our flexibility in adapting to unique site conditions, building standards, and local architectural vernaculars.

We provide careful attention to creating a harmony of exterior and interior elements that are detailed to minimize maintenance costs and energy without sacrificing the integrity of the design. The result is a high-quality, functional environment that is cost effective as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Gary Volk Design subscribes to the philosophy that our clients deserve the best possible professional design and architectural engineer services that our undivided attention can provide because we are dedicated to excellence. This is crucial in meeting the high standards that our clients set, in addition to those that we set for ourselves. Our success is the result of our dedication to quality, which is demonstrated in the work that we build. However, more importantly, it is reflected by the number of clients that have returned to us for our professional services.

We are a full service planning and architectural engineering company that offers our extensive experience in all stages of the development process. We can provide our clients with a full range of planning and architectural expertise, from initial planning and site selection efforts through post construction.

Gary Volk Design offers a team of enthusiastic and bright people who work and live in the communities that we serve. We live in an ever changing and dynamic world. The communities of today are increasingly in need of smartly designed spaces and buildings that can perform numerous functions. Architecture plays a crucial role in the preservation of our natural resources. That is the reason that at every phase of every project, we integrate environmentally sound principles. We form a holistic approach, as design experts that strengthen the construction and design process and contribute to the success of each project.

We are a passionate land planning and are an architectural company that is committed to designing value and making our clients more profitable. We have numerous years of design excellence, and our creative ability to design increased the ROI (Return on Investment) for our developers and leverage the profitability for our business clients.

Gary Volk Design begins each project by thoroughly analyzing, programming, and researching applicable codes to determine opportunities in order to maximize the potential of our projects. Through carefully crafted design solutions, our creative energies will leverage these opportunities. We look forward to the opportunity to increase your profitability and return on your investment, by bringing a successful completion to your next project.

We specialize in designing project that meet the client's requirements as well as their own personal aspirations and personal values. The reason for this is that we believe in a very personal service. Our design professionals pay close attention to our client's expectations, desires, and requirements by listening to and hearing the client. We involve ourselves in what is important to the client and create a design that is in harmony with the client's dreams. We have learned that our clients not only want an architect but also a partner in the design process. In our opinion, the process is just as important as the project. Therefore, we believe that a team approach to design is best, with all parties involved directly in the process.

Our dedication is to design the most innovative and functional project that completely meets the client's expectations, is a positive contribution to the community, and meets sustainability standards. We are committed to providing a design that doesn't build a monument to our creativity but rather completely meets these quality requirements.

Gary Volk Design is dedicated to providing consistent and personal management of a project from the initial meeting, through the design and documentation and construction phases, to field observation, during project activation and construction. All of our projects are the direct responsibility of one of our managers within the company, who works closely with the client during every phase of the project.

We continue to believe that the best designs are the direct result of hard work and quality service. Our dedication to quality service has continued for numerous years and will continue into the future. This commitment has built our reputation as one of the leading architectural companies in the Pacific Northwest. We will provide quality design, landscape architecture, and general architecture solutions that develop cost effective, high quality, futuristic, and responsive designs that meet the budgets, time frames, expectations, and requirements of our clients.

Our objective is to meet or exceed our client's expectations. We expect to build solid relationships with our clients. In order to develop a sense of ownership of the project, we will continue to employ the Intensive involvement by each team member from beginning to end of every project. As Gary Volk Design continues to build on the extensive foundations of our past, our future plans are to continue to grow and develop with our experiences. While managing client schedule and budget, our objective is to design innovative, sustainable, and functional projects. We will also conduct our business practices with technical excellence, personal and professional responsibility, and integrity, and every time we are faced with a difficult decision, we will do the right thing. We will promote continuous improvement in our business practices and work processes.

Our most valuable assets are our employees. Therefore, our objective is to provide employee avenues for commitment and leadership to our community and community, education, and growth. We will foster creative work environments where employees can gain new perspectives for success and improve their expertise.

The mission of Gary Volk Design is to provide personalized client service and high quality architecture that our client will value. In order to achieve a quality product within budget and on time, we intend to be a one stop service for continued client support. Our professional consultants, interior designers, landscape architects, planners, and general architects, working together, will create an atmosphere with no compromises, shortcuts, or afterthoughts. All stages of the project are conceived together to meet or exceed the expectations of the client. At the end of the project our clients will consider the journey with Gary Volk Design to be satisfying, friendly, and pleasing.

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